Families and Children

We come into this world as a part of a primary triad: mother, father, and child. The way we perceive the world first takes shape in our family. Our family is our spaceship. Do you enjoy traveling to other planets with your crew?

Does the child suffer from fears? Is the child timid or aggressive? The family has a great impact on a child’s development. For that reason child consultation is conducted in the context of family counseling.

Together with the parents, we explore the family landscape to discover both resources and problem areas. We focus on relationships to identify the interaction patterns at home. Genograms help to elucidate family background patterns across generations; family sculpture helps to express this relationship nonverbally. We acquire a fuller picture of a family and its inherited tendencies that stretch beyond the words of one language.

Once developmental circumstances are clear, we advance to individual sessions with the child where we play and draw to explore given situations and find new ways to grow. A successful tool I utilize is the innovative solution-focused method “Kids’ Skills”, developed by the Finnish psychiatrist Ben Furman. This method concentrates on developing abilities and skills that support competent – the best suitable for a particular situation – behaviour.

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