Couples Counselling

We inherit from our parents not only our hair and eye colour, but also family rules and traditions. Cultures can differ not only among continents and nations, but even within the same family.

To restore communication, develop an atmosphere of trust, and to create a secure bond between partners, I employ Canadian Leslie Greenberg and Susan Johnson’s emotionally focused approach.

During the first years of a human life, contact with attachment figures is an innate survival mechanism. When we mature, we break those bonds with our parents only to start looking again for someone to share our life with. The human brain is designed to connect. A partner can offer an essential safe haven: a buffer against the effects of stress and uncertainty, and an optimal context for the continuing development of ones personality.

To find the way through any marital distress I invite you to join me to talk about life and love, to discover and understand your emotional experiences and responses, to learn to communicate your needs as well as to perceive the needs of your partner, to reorganize interactions and create a sense of intimate connectedness.

Emotion is the music, relationship is a dance; it is impossible to begin a new dance without changing the music
(Dr. Susan Johnson, EFT Externship, Hamburg 2013).

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