Willkommen bei Anna Sizorina
  • You are in an international partnership.
  • Your family speaks several languages. You are raising bilingual children.
  • You celebrate the public holidays from diverse nations.
  • You live outside of your country of origin. You are presently living in Hamburg with your family or by yourself; this is either a permanent or temporary situation.
  • You have yet to feel at home in your new environment.

Challenging situations pose many questions whereby you may be looking for solutions and clarity. For that reason I founded the private Institute for Intercultural Psychotherapy and Counselling – Institut für Interkulturelle Psychotherapie und Berating – IIPB. The institute’s objectives are to provide you with professional, competent counselling in every sphere of family and couples relationships in multinational context, as well as to ensure your personal growth. Additionally our goal is to establish collaboration with mental health professionals and counsellors in other geographical areas in order to exchange experience and information in this field.

Seeking the Optimal Solution

Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and expectations. In an atmosphere of trust and respect, we shall reflect on your life up to and including your current situation. We shall explore your new vision of reality so that you are able to understand and accept your feelings. We activate your resources to find solutions.

My work comprises:

  • Systems theory: We are not living in isolation but are part of various systems, such as family, community, and workplace. The system affects every participant, just as each participant affects the system. This constant process of cooperation and interaction with one another cancels out both a beginning and ending point.
  • Emotionally focused approach: Emotions are universal: six basic categories of feelings are the same around the world by which people understand, interpret, and communicate. They make sense: they are a signal to ourselves and to others. As such, emotions are the universal language.
  • Experiential approach: Subjective experiences and unexpressed feelings affect our way of thinking, communicating, and our self-esteem. Consider how you process your experiences: how you organize what you see, hear, and feel. IIPB invites you to discover your own uniqueness in your responses and interactions with the environment.
  • Solutions-focused approach: Exploring your natural resources to develop new attitudes and behaviours, we shall discover ways for you to communicate and think that are more effective. Which are necessary to achieve an ideal future where your solutions take shape.
  • I do not adhere to any one theory. By integrating many ideas and approaches, and introducing games and creative elements, our goal is to develop your individual success strategy.

To access your strengths, values, and beliefs many questions shall be asked in a relaxed stress-free atmosphere in order to gain insight in to your personality, and successes you have experienced. Necessary exchange of information is provided. Together with these standard methods, I use various techniques that allow you to understand a situation from a different angle, to know yourself better, and to help transfer successful behaviour patterns in to other spheres of your life. I help you design the space where your decisions take place. Only you are capable of finding your path.

Utmost to me is confidentiality.